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Seafood Traceability

MRAG provides traceability services to ensure that seafood was caught legally and sustainably. MRAG has worked globally on these issues and has companies in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Knowledge of where fish comes from and assurance that it was sourced responsibly is critical in making purchasing decisions. Supermarkets and seafood traders want assurance that their fish was caught legally. NGOs and consumers demand environmental conservation and industry responsibility. MRAG gives assurance by verifying full supply chain traceability, assessing sourcing criteria, undertaking risk assessments, and can help minimize the risk of handling illegal fish.

Unlike other certifiers, MRAG specializes in fisheries management and policy and provides a unique and relevant source for all your questions regarding the capture, culture, and sourcing of product. Our experts have the scientific knowledge to work with you and help make sustainable choices all the way through the chain of custody from catch to consumer.

In addition to general traceability, MRAG can certify clients to the Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing and Chain of Custody Standard, and can also work with supply chains to help integrate certification audits where feasible with a view to minimizing costs.

Traceability Services:

Traceability Process:

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Onsite Audit and Data Collection

Analysis of Requirements

Audit Report

For more information, download our Seafood Traceability Assessment flyer or contact one of our companies.

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