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MRAG Asia Pacific

Social Development & Community Management


Through a long involvement with artisanal fisheries (both coastal and inland), the MRAG group has built up a strong capability in evaluating and developing alternative governance structures for fisheries and aquatic resource management, including the use of co-management. Many of our projects have a direct positive impact upon social development in developing rural communities.

We have had extensive involvement in resource management projects in developing countries. These projects place a strong emphasis on integrating conservation and natural resource management within the overall national, regional, and local economic growth strategies of the host countries. We have built strong relationships with in-country institutions during over 400 projects in more than 60 countries, enhancing the successful uptake of the products of our research.

Our staff and associates include experts skilled at working with local communities. We frequently build conferences, seminars and workshops into our projects, as well as other less traditional means of facilitating collaboration and sharing of information with local stakeholders. In addition, we have also run a number of technical training workshops in fisheries stock assessment and management, both as integral parts of larger projects and as stand-alone training programs.

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